Bedtime Baby Room Spray - Sassy Shop Wax
Bedtime Baby Room Spray - Sassy Shop Wax

Bedtime Baby Room Spray

A soothing bedtime blend of mandarin, lavender and chamomile and lily of the valley with bottom notes of hay and musk.
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Sassy Room Sprays give you quick and effortless bursts of strong fragrance, perfect for when you're on the go and need to make a lasting impression. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of waiting around for your wax to slowly melt. With just two spritzes from a Sassy spray, you'll experience the equivalent of up to a full hour of wax melting fragrance. With Sassy, your world is instantly filled with your favourite Sassy Scent.  

We aim to dispatch orders the next working day using the Royal Mail 48hour service. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Please contact if you have any questions

Shake Well Before Use: Before spritzing, ensure to shake the Sassy Scents Room Spray bottle well. This helps to evenly distribute the fragrance oils and ensures a consistent scent experience with each spray.

Spray Away from Face and Fabrics: Hold the bottle upright and aim the nozzle away from your face and any fabrics or delicate surfaces. This prevents direct contact with eyes and avoids any potential staining or damage to fabrics.

Two Spritzes for Instant Aroma: For optimal results, spray Sassy Scents Room Spray twice into the air, allowing the fine mist to disperse throughout the room. Just two spritzes are all you need to enjoy the equivalent fragrance of up to an hour of traditional wax melting.

Enjoy Instant Fragrance Gratification: Once sprayed, allow the fragrance to fill the air and envelop your surroundings. Revel in the instant aroma satisfaction as your chosen scent transforms the ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who enters the room.

How long does the fragrance last after spraying Sassy Scents Room Spray?
Sassy Scents Room Spray is designed to offer long-lasting fragrance satisfaction. After spraying just two bursts, you can enjoy the captivating aroma for hours, equivalent to the fragrance duration of up to an hour of traditional wax melting.

Is Sassy Scents Room Spray safe to use around pets and children?
Yes, Sassy Scents Room Spray is formulated to be safe for use around pets and children when used as directed. However, it's essential to avoid direct contact with eyes and to keep the spray away from the reach of children. As with any household product, it's recommended to use caution and store the spray in a secure location.

Can I use Sassy Scents Room Spray in my car or on fabrics?
While Sassy Scents Room Spray is primarily designed for use in rooms, it can also be used to refresh car interiors and fabrics. However, it's important to spray away from fabrics and delicate surfaces to avoid potential staining. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation when using the spray in confined spaces like vehicles.

Are there any specific storage instructions for Sassy Scents Room Spray?
To maintain the quality and potency of Sassy Scents Room Spray, store the bottle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ensure the cap is tightly closed when not in use to prevent evaporation and preserve the fragrance. Following these storage guidelines will help prolong the shelf life of your room spray.

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Coco Mallow Whipped Soap
Marienka Duarte

Really live soap, very strange to begin with as it's a bit more solid than you expect but really foams up lovely and leaves my skin very soft

Blackberry Cider Whipped Soap

This is my first Sassy Scents product. I have bought 7 to try. Blackberry being my first, I love it, smells beautiful. I forgot to replace the lid, when I returned to the bathroom it smelt gorgeous. I have also purchased the car freshener, can't wait to try.
I would also like to add I have psoriasis so was a bit apprehensive about using Sassy products. My skin is fine, wish I'd tried the products sooner. Love, Love, Love Sassy Scents products, looking forward to trying EVERYTHING!!

Amazing scent

I just love these room fresheners, they smell amazing. The scent also stays around for a while without feeling too much.


So so nice and it is brilliant for my multi dog and cat household. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats and no one can tell when they walk in my house!

Snow pixie heaven

Combining the scrub with whipped soaps is an amazing shower experience it leaves your skin baby soft and smells divine just love Sassy products and ethos x


Really pleased with this.

Bedtime Baby Whipped Soap
Elizabeth Rouse-Jones

This one smells amazing.

Smells amazing

The smell is amazing but not my favorite.
All i can say is my skin has never looked so good. I use to have all this dry skin type stuff on my legs and since i switchd to these whipped soaps(1 year ago) my legs have never had the dry thing on it anymore. Best stuff ever

Seychelles Whipped Soap
Anne Buckeridge
Divinely indulgent

Magically creamy and perfect for every day use and holidays. Fabulous for those defuzzing your legs and pits days also.

Opium Noir Hanging Car Freshener

Fabulous scent

Fabulous perfume

Beautiful perfumed whipped soap. Easy to use, my shower smells divine after I’ve used it. I just wish each jar lasted longer. Expensive for what they are, but they do smell beautiful.


Beautiful fragrance.


Nice quality. Perfect size.


5⭐️ for this scent, I feel relaxed much much quicker, the Pillow Spray and Whipped Soap are absolutely gorgeous and just perfect for my nightime routine 🥰

Beautiful smell, very expensive

This was my first order with Sassy Scents and I was impressed and very happy with the quality of the products. However, I was also surprised by the size of the pots. They were smaller than I had expected them to be, especially considering the price and comparing them to rival brands.

Looks and smells amazing

If it's anything like the cashmere then it's a fantastic product. I haven't used it yet as my favourite out of the 3 is the cashmere, but these arw amazing products they leave your skin smells amazing and soft.

Highly recommend them

Smells and looks amazing

I haven't used ot yet as I'm obsessed with the cashmere one still but really happy with all the products I received.

My absolute favourite

I absolutely love this scent 💜 my skin smells so luxurious after using this and I will definitely be a repeat customer. A little really goes a long way. It's perfect for shaving and has an amazing lather. Really so impressed.

Smells amazing

Really happy with my purchase, they smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so soft. As this was my first purchase I was a little worried when I received my order as the sugar scrubs had moved to the side of the container and looked a little empty, but they are the weight they are supposed to be so I didn't have any issues.

Smells amazing

Firat ime buyer and I bought 3 different whipped soaps. And 2 sugar scrubs, the sugar scrubs smell amzinf and leave my skin feeling ao soft.

They all smell amazing. Really happy with the products. My skin smells beautiful after use and feels so much softer. I also shave with them and haven't had any issues. Thank you for an amazing product

Lovely colours and smell

I purchased for my niece, so I haven’t personally used. However, she has told me she loves the smell and the colours and said that the product is very soft and feels nice on her skin. I’m looking to purchase for myself very soon!

Absolutely gorgeous scent

One of my favourites, this is a keeper!
Will keep using sassy whipped soaps as they’re amazing! Very highly recommended and packaging is very secure and is brilliant!! Thank you again Sassy team 🤍🤍🤍

Luxurious whipped soap

The smell is amazing. The soap is so light, it lathers up really well, and feels amazing on your skin. Not greasy at all, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Sleep in a bottle!

I absolutely love this scent! Not your typical lavender pillow spray. This is gorgeous. The blackberry adds a sweet perfume touch. Honestly unlike nothing I’ve ever smelt before.
Genuinely helps me sleep better too. I’ve also found I can still smell it on my pillow the next night! The packaging & glass bottle give this spray a touch of elegance & would also make a great luxury gift. Safe & ideal for children’s rooms too. Can’t praise this spray enough. Need a life time supply!

Great products

Love the products the membership gets you great discounts.