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    "Sleep by sassy is different because the scent has sweet edge, compared to the boring lavender and chamomile that's flooding the shelves

    The scent includes patented technology proven to help you get a better nights sleep, it really is magic! "

    - From our founder, Keely


    A powerful fragrance crafted to revolutionize your sleep experience. Formulated using patented technology to create the perfect fragrance for enhancing quality of sleep.

    Backed by science, loved by you.

    Not your average sleep scent.

    From our customers


    Not the typical French Lavender scent that is boring and overdone it was sweet and creamy and delicious.


    Please make this by the bucket full and soon -  needing more!


    I have to thank you more for the full night sleep I got myself, something that hasn't happened in months for me, as well as two peaceful nights with my children who I've not had to fight to get to go to sleep. Everyone has had more energy and woken up much happier this weekend and for that I'm very grateful.


    Hubby slept soundly all night without tossing and turning.


    My three year old who has autism finds sleep hard but this worked so fast and she ended up sleeping for hours!


    I woke feeling like a new woman, well rested and rejuvenated from such a good night's sleep! I popped my burner on 60 minutes before I went to bed and had my burner on a 3 hour timer, so my bedroom smelt beautifully relaxing before I went to bed.


    Slept for well over 7 hours and that’s unheard of for me.

    Strong and Long-Lasting Wax Melts Online in the UK - Sassy Wax

    Looking for strong and long-lasting melts online in the UK? Look no further than Sassy Wax! Our handmade soy blend wax melts are made using high-quality and long-lasting wax scents, all right here in the UK. We're confident you'll love them as much as our thousands of satisfied customers do.

    Why Choose Sassy Wax?

    We care about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. We've earned a reputation as the best wax melts in the UK, thanks to our use of a non-toxic, eco-friendly soy wax blend. Our products are safe for use around children and pets, and our scents last between 70-100 hours per wax pot. Plus, our innovative fragrances and constant deals make Sassy Wax the natural choice for wax melts in the UK.

    Find Your Favorite Scents and More with Sassy Wax

    We offer everyday low prices on all of our products, including tealight wax burners and electric wax melters. We even offer wholesale wax melts, so you can stock up on your favorites.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Scented Wax Tarts Answered by Experts

    What shall I do if the wax melt doesn't smell anymore?

    Over time, the fragrance from wax melts will evaporate, but the wax will still remain. Simply allow the wax to cool before removing it. Our wax melts are made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring they last longer than others.

    How do I get wax out of a tealight burner?

    Light a tealight under the burner for about 10 seconds, then blow it out. This is the most effective way to loosen the wax in the burner. For an electric burner, turn it on for a minute until the wax softens slightly, and then pop it out.

    Are wax melts safe for pets?

    Wax melts are safe for all members of the family, including children and pets, when made with non-toxic ingredients like our blend of soy wax.

    Can I use a wax melt in an oil burner?

    We don’t recommend using oil burners for wax melts as they can overheat and cause safety concerns like fires. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

    Can wax melts expire and go off?

    The fragrance in wax melts has a shelf life of 12 months, but our unique soy blend lasts much longer. Our wax melts are designed to give a strong scent to your home.

    Are wax tarts eco-friendly?

    Our wax melts are made from a safe blend of soy wax and essential oils, making them eco-friendly.

    How can I make wax melts smell more?

    Melt your wax for 15 minutes until you can smell a strong fragrance in your room, then blow out the tealight in your melter. The warmer will continue to scent your home until it cools down. Our wax burners can also increase the effectiveness of your burn time.

    Should I see smoke coming from my wax burner?

    White smoke is normal when burning high-quality wax melts, as it's the fragrance oil evaporating. If you see dark smoke, blow out the wax immediately. Check your burner for cracks and never leave it unattended.

    Will wax melts disappear like scented candles?

    Wax melts do not evaporate or disappear like scented candles. Only the fragrance oil evaporates. Removing the wax from your burner when you can no longer smell the scent is all that's needed.

    What is scent throw?

    Scent throw describes the fragrance being released, including its strength, longevity, and how far it travels. Our wax melts have great scent throw, making them the best wax melts in the UK.

    What is the most popular wax melter?

    Electric burners are convenient because you don't have to worry about the flame. Our time-controlled electric burners are a popular option for those looking for the best way to enjoy strong fragrance around their home.

    Are scented candles different from wax melts?

    Wax tarts and scented candles both provide a solution for scenting your home, but wax melts can be a more cost-effective solution for a strong and long-lasting fragrance. Our products are cheaper than candle alternatives, come in a wide variety of scents and colours and are beautifully packaged in unique designs.

    If you're looking for the best wax melts in the UK online, Sassy Wax is the right place to find them!