Sleep by sassy has a special place in my heart, and it’s been so much fun to create something that helps people AND smells amazing.

I was so sick of seeing the market flooded with boring white medicinal-looking sleep sprays in your typical “lavender and chamomile”

Well sleep by sassy is not your average sleep scent we’re taking it one step further and launching a world-first (I think!)

Sleep By Sassy isn't just about scented products, it's a multi-sensory experience led by scent that’s been designed as an immersive experience, including products that cover sound, sight, smell, taste and touch to help lull you into the most restful sleep ever.

I will only ever make 1000 of these, it’s the first time we’ve done something like this so I really need your feedback once you’ve tried it!

We've left some hints across our social media and maybe even in our emails of what the products are but we wanted to hold back the exact details so that when your experience arrives, you get a PR unboxing experience! 

ps. Even if you don't struggle with sleep, the experience will elevate your evening routine.

  • Contains 5 full size products
  • Only 1000 available 
  • £54.99 (Free shipping)

If you want a spot on the waitlist, I’ll reserve your spot! All my love, K xx