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These are questions you might be asking yourself!

Sassy Shop Wax Chat is an inclusive, positive and friendly online space full of like-minded people from all walks of life, who have a love of wax and fragrance.

By joining our community, you instantly gain access to perks and exclusive content. Not only do you get to see our restock lists and behind the scenes content, you also get your voice heard, have active involvement in the products we release and receive special events, giveaways & discounts exclusive to group members!

In the words of our customer Amanda, our group isn't any group, 'it's a place where friendship blossoms.' Friendships naturally form on the group and you can choose how much you want to interact with one another.  

We know it is hard to find new fragrances that you like. We also know that sometimes you come across a scent and think 'wow I wish I'd known about this sooner'. Whether you have made 1 order or 1000 orders, members of the group and our Community Manager, Emily, will always be happy to provide advice and recommendations when needed!

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