Our most popular Starter Kit

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A cult girl boss sugar scrub, addictive whipped soaps, and signature wax melt (plus get a FREE 3-MONTH SASSY MEMBERSHIP*).


What's in 'The Starter'?

Something unique:
Girl Boss Sugar Body Scrub, worth £15.99

Something fun:
Butterfly Whipped Soap, worth £12.99

Something sweet:
Snow Pixie Whipped Soap, worth £12.99

Something pink:
Snow Pixie Wax Melt, worth £4.99

The Perfect Velvet Bag, worth £10

PLUS a FREE 3-MONTH Sassy Membership, worth £11.97


Today the world is full with toned down, boring and mundane products and brands who don't think they need to go the extra mile. We believe you deserve better than that.

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