Sweet Blooms Odour Eliminating Room & Fabric Spray - Sassy Shop Wax
Sweet Blooms Odour Eliminating Room & Fabric Spray - Sassy Shop Wax

Sweet Blooms Odour Eliminating Room & Fabric Spray

Imagine juicy fruits dancing with zesty citrus, a hint of refreshing marine breeze, candyfloss and sweet blossoms. It's like a burst of sweetness for your space!
  • Rose
  • Peach
  • Lemon
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  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Sassy Scents odour eliminating spray is meticulously designed to do double duty, with 50% more power than others on the market.

This spray has been formulated with scientifically proven ingredients and carefully curated notes, to deliver scents that go beyond the surface and are designed to eliminate odours for up to 48 hours. From effectively eliminating stubborn odours to choosing from an array of memory making scents, transforming your home from woof to wow has never been easier! 

We aim to dispatch orders the next working day using the Royal Mail 48hour service. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Please contact customercare@sassyshopwax.com if you have any questions

For optimal use of Sassy Scents Odour Eliminating Spray, lightly mist in any room or directly onto fabrics. For stubborn odours, a second application may enhance the freshening effect. Use as part of your regular cleaning routine for a consistently inviting scent.

  1. What are Room & Fabric Sprays?
    Room & Fabric Sprays are versatile products designed to refresh both your living spaces and textiles with delightful fragrances.
  2. Are they pet friendly?
    Yes, our room and fabric sprays are pet friendly, please always refer to packaging for use instructions.
  3. How do I use Room & Fabric Sprays?
    Simply spritz in the air or lightly mist over compatible fabrics to infuse them with your chosen scent.
  4. Can Room & Fabric Sprays be used on all fabrics?
    Test on an inconspicuous area first, as some delicate fabrics may not be suitable.
  5. How long does the fragrance last?
    The scent longevity can vary, but it's crafted to offer lasting freshness in your home and on fabrics.
  6. Are the ingredients in the spray safe for all environments?
    Our sprays are formulated with care, prioritizing safety for home use, but always check the label for specific advisories.
  7. Do you offer eco-friendly Room & Fabric Sprays?
    Sustainability is key in our production, including biodegradable elements where possible.
  8. What are the ingredients in Room & Fabric Sprays? We use water and distilled alcohol with fragrances that are unique to us and that include patented technology. We also use a special scientific technique and ingredients to stabilise and preserve the product.

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