XL Bedtime Baby Wax Melt - Sassy Shop Wax
XL Bedtime Baby Wax Melt - Sassy Shop Wax

XL Bedtime Baby Wax Melt

A soothing bedtime blend of mandarin, lavender and chamomile and lily of the valley with bottom notes of hay and musk.
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Indulge in the luxurious aroma of XL Bedtime Baby Wax Melt. Handcrafted in the UK, this vegan-friendly, soy blend wax melt offers a long-lasting fragrance. Sassy Scents: Unrivaled leaders in quality Wax Melts. Handcrafted for perfection, our eco-friendly, UK-made melts offer unparalleled aromas

We aim to dispatch orders the next working day using the Royal Mail 48hour service. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Please contact customercare@sassyshopwax.com if you have any questions

How to use: Each wax melt contains 5 pieces of heart-shaped wax.  Break off one or two heart pieces from your wax melt, add a tea light underneath, and light the tealight wick. Keep using new tealights until you can no longer smell the scent. If using Sassy Wax Original Warmer - Electric Wax Burner: Break off a segment/heart from your wax melt, and add to the bowl at the top of the burner. Press the button on the burner once for a 3-hour burn, twice for a 6-hour burn and 3 times for a 9-hour burn. Your wax melt burner will turn off after the selected time. If you want to turn it off early, click the button until all lights are off. If you burn 13g this will be somewhere around approx 12-18 hours of scent in total.

The intensity of the fragrance will depend on your room size, the temperature of the room and the amount of wax used. For best results, always close your windows in the room you are burning the wax. Once the wax is spent, use cotton balls/pads to soak up melted/molten wax and then dispose of it accordingly. Do not use wipes and/or cleaning chemicals/products to clean the burner. Do not use metal or sharp objects to clean out wax as this may crack or damage the burner or cause injury. Please check the packaging for allergen advice. Keep away from children.

What is a wax melt?
Wax melts are scented pieces of wax, much like a candle but without the wick. We have an unbeatable range of scents and fragrances ranging from perfume to laundry. Click here to read our blog post about wax melts.

Are wax melts better than candles?
We say YES! Wax melts are much better than candles for a number of reasons. For a £20 high street candle, you get 1 scent and the candle is likely to produce black soot and other unwanted nasties. For the same money you can get over 6 different scents with a total melt time of up to 540 hours!

How long do wax melts last?
Two cubes of sassy wax melts can last up to 18 hours of scent! Wax melts are better than candles in terms of value for money.

How often should I change the wax in my wax warmer?
We recommend switching to a fresh wax melt ever 2-3 4 hour tea lights.

What wax melter should I use?
We recommend using a tea light burner for optimal scent throw but our wax melts can also be used in electric wax burners and plug in warmers.

What is scent throw?
Scent throw is a term used to describe how strong the fragrance is and how quickly the scent travels. A good was melt will fill the room with strong fragrance within 10 minutes of melting.

Do wax melts evaporate?
Unlike candles, wax melts do not come into contact with a naked flame so do not evaporate. Simply burn the same piece of wax until you no longer can smell the scent and dispose of the residual wax.

How do you remove wax melts?
We have 2 favourite ways of removing wax melts from a wax burner. Firstly, we love to use cotton wool or cotton pads to soak up the molten wax and wipe the dish clean. Secondly, you can wait for the wax to set hard and run the dish under a warm tap so the wax pops out with ease. Make sure you completely dry your wax burner dish before using again.

How do you clean a wax warmer dish?
With both of our methods above you will be able to remove your wax with a clean dish every time.

Do you use biodegradable glitter in your wax melts?
Yes we do!

Can I reuse wax melts?
Once the scent throw has gone, we recommend switching your wax melt for a fresh one. After all, two cubes cost just 60p and last up to 18 hours making our wax melts much better than candle alternatives.

Where can I find your wax melt reviews?
We have over 400 5* reviews on our Facebook Page. you can also find 5* reviews Trust Pilot and Google. We also have a review highlight on our instagram

How long are delivery times?
We aim to dispatch all orders on following working day.
We use the Royal Mail Tracked48 service. Delivery is between 2-5 days after date of order.

What is your 30 day guarantee policy?
We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, this means that any products you are not satisfied with can be returned to us within 30 days of purchase in their original condition and packaging for a full refund. Just let our customer care team know to expect them prior to making the return and post to:
Sassy Shop Wax, Unit 11 Vertex Park, Oakwood Drive, Emerson's Green, Bristol, BS16 7LB
Return postage is covered by the customer. If you are returning an item(s), you should consider using a trackable shipping service. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.
After we receive your item, our team of professionals will inspect it and process your refund. The money will be refunded to the original payment method you’ve used during the purchase. For credit card payments it may take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement.

If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us at customercare@sassyshopwax.com.

Based on 963 reviews
Really lasts

I have recently got a pet house rabbit who has been toilet training, so some accidents have occurred. This has really helped to mask the smell of rabbit wee and lasts for ages. Really pleasant smell.

1st time used

Hi the scent was good , stayed along time in the air . Will buy again but want to try a different one

Okay I think I may have found my 2nd favourite fragrance. This is sooo similar to the sol de neiro bumbum cream fragrance and really makes me feel happy no matter what the day brings. Have found the fragrance lasts longer on my body in comparison to my other favourite with is the blackberry cider.


Omg, the smell is absolutely gorgeous, best room spray I've ever bought, i can actually sit in the same room afterwards (& the dog🐶) 10/10

Absolutely amazing I don't use anything else now smells amazing leaves my skin soft I absolutely love these


Coconut sunshine whipped soap is the most luxurious whipped soap I’ve ever had, it had a gorgeous smell and the texture is so soft and creamy, a pleasure to use


Omgggg…..I showered using the sleep by Sassy whipped soap, had the wax melt burning in the bedroom and sprayed my pillows with the sleep spray…..just wonderful x

Love it!

The scent lasts a long time and is really relaxing, just what I need after a long stressful day!

Love it

Missed the sg so got the tub beautiful

Love it, will be buying again.


Smells like at the beach tanning! Love it :)


XL Janeiro Sunshine Wax Melt
Catherine Middleton
Just love this scent

What more can I say, love it

Be careful

Nice smell but can be overpowering if you spray more than a couple of times.

Bedtime Baby Whipped Soap
Emma Louise Carrier

Amazing, my skin feels soft ,and I love smell

Snow Pixie you little minx!!

WOW!! Snow Pixie what a hidden little gem. (For me) First the beautiful scent that hits your scenes like a Mike Tyson punch......WOW!! Then the luxury creamy texture of the soap as you rub in your hands, add the water and oh! My all those bubbles millions of popping Pixies, you get out of the shower smelling fabulous from your head to toe, pure bliss.
Now price. You only need one squirt to have a wash or if your a greedy Pixie two has you covered in bubbles!! So for the price as a treat 3 in 1 it's fine but for every day use *personally it's on the high side if I'm going to be honest.
However it makes for a lovely gift to family, friends and yourself (as rude not too) I can't wait now to dive into the whipped soap.
Sassy, you have done it again....You truly are the Willy Wonka's of scents in soaps (and waxes)


Great stuff :)

Sleep easy

This really does help me sleep much better ! The smell of it just infuses in your nose and relaxes you ! I have 3 bottles I really would recommend it !!

Love it

Smells amazing and makes your skin lovely and smooth

Cherry Wax Melt
Amy Carson

Wonderful smells

Conjures up autumnal evenings

Love this wax melt the scent fills my home, makes me feel warm and cozy like warm up to Halloween 🎃 definitely a thumbs 👍 up from me


I purchased this wax and honestly didn’t expect the result! I have struggled with my sleep for as long as I can remember. This wax not only relaxes me but also my 19month old daughter who fights her sleep! If your in two mins then don’t be you need it for sure! The scent is AMAZING and not your typical lavender sleep scent!

Love them all


What can I say, the label design is gorgeous, the fragrance is stunning, very sultry, the perfect summer holiday night time scent. So good I had to order it in a 900g grande tub! Long lasting scent with amazing scent throw.

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Emma Langenbruch
Beautiful Masculine Fragrance

Untamed is a beautiful masculine fragrance that you can use every day as it is not heavy or overwhelming.