What is a Wax Melt Tub?

Available in Small, Duo and Grande, our wax tubs contain a much larger amount of our signature wax in your favourite fragrances. At least 220g of each scent compared to just 50g in a wax melt bar. They come in a reusable clip top tub that locks in the fragrance to ensure your wax is as strong and fresh on your last use as it was when you ordered it! 
With a larger surface, tubs are also one of our prettiest products! With loads of space for our wax makers to get creative with marbled designs and glitter.

What’s the difference between a tub and a bar?

Our Sassy Shop Wax Tubs are not segmented like our bars and segment pots and contain much more wax which means they last much longer, as you can add smaller or larger portions of your favourite wax depending on the size of dish in your wax melt burner. This also makes it a perfect choice to make sure you never run out of your must-have scents. 

How to cut a wax melt tub:

  1. Remove the lid of your tub and lightly twist the container diagonally to allow air between the side and the wax
  2. Gently tip the container upside down and place onto a cutting board - you may want to give the bottom of the tub a light tap to release the wax if it is still stuck.
  3. Using your Sassy Wax Cutter, gently push down on the wax to slice away to a desired thickness, leaving you with effortless waves of luxurious fragrance.
You're ready to burn your wax!
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