Sassy Shop Bath!

 We are so pleased to have been able to launch Sassy Shop Bath this year! (January 2021) Starting with a sassy duo of 3-in-1 washes and whipped soaps in some of our best-loved scents the new division is set to become your bathroom must-have! 

With all the elements you have come to love about our wax melts, these products will be as pearlescent and glittery as we possibly can! With a fragrance strong enough to take on any of your current favourites. 

These products are tested by an external laboratory to ensure they are safe for your skin which means the range of fragrances available will be limited to start with but keep your eyes and ears peeled for new scents to be added soon!

If you do have concerns about using these products on problematic skin check the ingredients for the individual scents on the product page description.


What is a Whipped Soap?

This super versatile air-whipped soap has an indulgent mousse texture that makes it perfect for every inch of your skin, from washing your hands, to shaving your legs and everything in between. 

To use, take a small scoop into your hands and rub together to create a thick creamy lather and then apply to the rest of your body for a moisture-rich body wash and shaving foam.

In our signature sassy style, each tub will be hand finished with a dusting of biodegradable glitter and dissolvable sugar decoration to add even more sparkle to your day.

With so many uses, we think whipped soaps are about to become a must-have for your overnight bag, so you can take a piece of Sassy Joy wherever you go.


3-in-1 wash

Let the sassiness soak into your skin and leave you feeling diva-licious!

This 3-in-1 body wash has been specially created to turn your favourite Sassy scent into your favourite bathroom product! giving you that shower-fresh feeling and a luxurious fragrance all in one, for a boost of confidence throughout the day. Can be used as hand wash, body wash/shower gel or bubble bath!

What fragrances will they be available in?

These luxurious new products will be restocked in many of our permanent scent collection fragrances as well as some of our favourites including Watermelon Margarita, Thousand Wishes, Blonde Moment, Mr Grey and Berry Cauldron so you can enjoy your must-have sassy scents in more ways than ever.

When will they be available?

You can get your hands on these amazing products NOW and we will be restocking these products regularly so be sure to check the sassy shop wax social pages for updates and to find out when even more fragrances are being added!

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