How Much Does It Cost To Make Wax Melts In The UK?

Wax melts in the UK continue to gain popularity as a safer substitute for scented candles. They last longer fragrance-wise too, making them all around the more practical choice. These benefits mean that many people have become interested in whether it’s possible to make your own wax melts.

The good news is that it’s not a highly complex process. However, you do need to source the right tools and materials, and there’s a bit of trial and error involved to come up with a product and fragrance that looks and smells good. For this reason alone, many people choose to buy them from reputable sellers instead.

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Cost of Making Wax Melts in the UK

To create your own wax melts, all you need is some wax, a dye or any other type of colouring, and either fragrance oils or essential oils.

It’s widely acknowledged that soy wax is best because it’s safer and doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that other kinds of wax have. As a rough guide, you typically need around 100 grams of wax to make 10 individual wax melts. Though, of course, it depends on how big you want your wax melts to be and the size and shape of the mould you’re using. One kilo of wax costs around £5, so you can do the maths from there.

Whether you choose to scent your melts with fragrance oils or essential oils will also affect the cost. Essential oils are often more expensive because they are more potent and are regarded as having some therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, fragrance oils come in a far more diverse selection and allow you more potential for mixing fragrances and creating more scents.

Essential oils are derived from natural plants, so they tend to be single scents such as lavender or peppermint. There’s more scope to mix fragrances with fragrance oils to create unique scents like our Snow Pixie or Blueberry Lemon Doughnuts.

Many people say that the scent from essential oils tends to last longer than fragrance oils, but that can depend on the brand you buy. The fragrance oils from Sassy Shop Wax, for example, are high-quality and can be just as potent as essential oils in terms of scent. These cost around £5 for a 10ml bottle.

The amount of each oil you need to use is dependent on the quality you’ve bought, so it’s hard to say how much you’re going to need. Some oils are so potent that a couple of drops is enough to fragrance a fair few wax melts. However, other oils may not be as potent as expected, which means that you’ll need to add more to make sure your wax melt bars have the scent that you want to cover the desired room or area.

As well as these costs, you’ll also have to factor in the packaging (if you plan on gifting them to friends and family) and any other tools you might need, like weighing scales and moulds.

You should also consider the cost of the time you’re going to spend making the wax melts, too. If it’s your first time, you’ll probably need a few practice runs before you create the perfect batch.

Finding Ready-Made Quality Wax Melts

If you don’t have the time to make your own wax melts, or if you’re worried about spending lots of money on materials only to end up disappointed with the results, then the best idea is to go for ready-made ones. It can be tempting to opt for just any cheap wax melt set you see in a supermarket or other retail outlet. But the truth is that your primary concern should be the quality of the wax melt you’re buying.

Quality wax melts are only ever made from safe ingredients. Remember, to release the fragrance, you’re going to have to heat them up. That can be a problem with cheaper varieties on the market made from inferior wax or oils. Cheap materials have been known to release toxic fumes into the air.

The smell is also a significant differentiator between low-quality and high-quality wax melt bars. Cheap perfume wax melts may only have a faint smell that won’t fill a room or may have a scent that wears off far too quickly, even if your wax burner is still lit. Either way, buying low-quality melts can be a false economy, given that you’ll have to use more than you should, just to get the effect you’re aiming for.

You also want to be able to choose from a wide array of fragrances too. Our sense of smell directly affects our emotions, but everyone experiences fragrances in a different way. So, it pays to experiment with different scents to see which ones calm you down, which ones energise you and which ones bring a positive uplift to your mood. The beauty of high-quality wax melts in your home is the soothing experience they offer, so it’s well worth investing in good quality melts for a better experience.

Check out Sassy Shop Wax’s collection of wax melt bars if you would like to try high-quality wax melts with unique scents. From bars that smell like strawberries and lilies to those that smell like cool, fresh winter mornings, you don’t just get a nice-smelling room; you get an entire experience with each cube you snap off one of our wax melt bars.

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What do you do with wax melts?

Place a couple of wax melts onto the burner dish. If you’re using an electric wax burner, plug it in and switch it on. For a tea light warmer, carefully light the tea light and pop it in the hole under the dish. Now you can enjoy the aromatic effects, which should last for several hours.

Can I reuse wax melts?

Yes, you can use wax cubes in the UK as many times as you like or until the scent dissipates. The ideal number of cubes to place on the warmer is two to three pieces, which offers up to eight hours of fragrance. Before adding new ones, remove the old wax. Melted wax doesn’t evaporate; it simply loses its fragrance.

How often should you change wax melts?

You should replace your snap bars in the UK when you can no longer smell any fragrance when the warmer is lit. The average burn time of wax melts is five to eight hours. Luxury, high-end wax melts can give you more than 20 hours of fragrance, though.

How do you remove wax melts?

One easy way of removing wax tarts from a wax melts burner is by using a spoon. Because the wax used is quite soft, a spoon will be enough to break and scoop out the old wax. The curved shape of the spoon fits the curvature of a wax melter/ burner. Simply let your melted waxes drop into the bin.

How long can you store wax melts?

Usually, wax melts should be used within a year of opening the packaging, especially if you’ve bought melts with natural ingredients, such as soy wax or palm wax. However, your wax melts can be safely used past their expiration date if you properly store them in a clean, dry place.

Guide On How To Use A Wax Melt

Using a wax melt in the UK is easy, so don’t be intimidated by your newly bought wax warmer. Wax melts are used to provide fragrance to your home. They are similar to scented candles but much safer to use. Here’s how to use a wax melt.

  1. Set up the wax warmer first. Electric burners plug into a standard electrical socket. Place the burner in a convenient spot.
  2. Add wax to the top of the wax melter. It’s advisable only to use one or two cubes to avoid overflowing.
  3. Turn the wax melter on. Some variants turn on automatically as soon as they’re plugged in; others have a dedicated power switch.
  4. Change the wax after it stops smelling. Scrape out the old wax and add new once it’s stopped producing any fragrance.

Tips On How Scented Wax Melts Work

Wax melts are efficient alternatives to scented candles. This is because they produce the same fragrance but more efficiently. These wax cubes don’t catch fire or emit any soot as they burn, so they’re considerably safer than open flame candles. Here are some other reasons to try out a wax warmer:

  1. Electric burners of wax tarts in the UK are powered by lightbulbs. A 15- to 25-watt lightbulb is placed underneath the wax to melt it. This avoids the risk of any fire-related incident.
  2. Wax melts are less messy. You don’t have to worry about any dripping wax because it’s all contained in your wax warmer.
  3. You can create your own wax melts – if you are looking to save some money, then it’s possible to make your own wax melts.

Clever Uses Of Wax Melts

It is possible to reuse old wax melts using a method called the double boiler. Wax melts are typically better than scented candles. Here are three reasons it is better to use wax melts than scented candles:

  1. Wax melts reduce the risk of fire because electric wax warmers have no open flame, so they are significantly safer than candles. Even if your wax burner uses a tea light, it’s more enclosed by the burner, so there’s much less risk of fire.
  2. Wax melts offer more burning time than scented candles and can produce much more fragrance for a longer time than scented candles.
  3. Wax melts are considerably cheaper. A wax melt costs less than most scented candles. They also come in a much wider range of fragrances.

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Things You Can Do With Old Wax Melts

Old wax melts can be turned into a candle if you have the necessary materials, like a candle mould, a wick, and a container to melt all the wax you have accumulated. You can add fragrance oils to restore the scent to your newly made candle.

However, contrary to popular belief, soap is not flammable, so you can’t melt down old fragranced soaps to create a candle.

Here at Sassy Shop Wax, you can find the best wax melts and accessories in the UK for all you need for a fragrant room or home. Call us today to find out more about our special offers!