Essential Oil vs Fragrance oil

What is the difference?

It's the oils that are added to our signature wax blend that give it its intoxicating fragrance. Most people will be familiar with essential oils such as tea tree oil or lavender oil as these are commonly used on their own for their health benefits, helping to relieve stress and improve sleep, however, creating such a broad library of fragrances from just essential oils would simply be impossible!

Fragrance oils are a specially formulated mix of plant-based ingredients and synthetic compounds that can be used to replicate scents not found naturally such as the sweet or bakery scents like Blueberry Lemon Doughnuts (one of our favourites) or Snow Pixie with its candyfloss fragrance, that form the majority of our best selling scents and mixology blends.

Snow Pixie OilBlueberry Lemon Doughnuts Oil

Which oil is better?

Fragrance oils and essential oils are very similar for creating wax melts as we can adjust our blend depending on the individual fragrance to ensure it meets our Sassy standards. 

Although you would not get the health benefits of essential oils, the ritual of lighting your burner and relaxing with a soft fragrance in your home can be equally as calming, with the flickering of a tealight adding to the soothing atmosphere. 

Despite not being 100% natural, fragrance oils are created using some plant-based ingredients and essential oils and so are just as safe to burn as pure essential oils, but we do recommend reading the label if you have any special considerations and ensuring your rooms are well ventilated to maintain the air quality.

Despite claiming to be natural and eco friendly, we have also found that there are very few essential-oil-only brands in the home fragrance market 

So why use Fragrance oils?

Not only are the fragrance oil scents in our Sassy wax bars as strong and long-lasting as the essential oils, but due to their manufacturing process they are also much more affordable to ensure we are able to offer our products for an even more competitive price and much lower than its candle equivalent for 12 hours of luxurious scent. 

We set our standards for fragrance oils very high to ensure we are creating the best possible quality products for our customers,  using only the strongest fragrances in our products and combining them with our exclusive blend of wax for a long-lasting, super strong scent. 

To ensure this standard is met consistently, we regularly conduct our own testing and ask our customers to review our products for us, as well as recommending new scents and fragrances that they would love to have in wax melt form. 

We even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of our products so you know you are buying the best!

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