Are wax melts better than candles?

A wax melt is similar to a candle but to release its scent you gently heat it over a tealight or a lightbulb using a wax melt burner rather than with a wick. Here are just a few reasons we think wax melts should be your must-have home accessory:


We recommend using 2 cubes from our wax melt bars or 1 segment from our segment pots at a time for over 12 hours of strong, long-lasting scent. At £3 a bar this works out at just 60p, plus a tealight . For the equivalent burn time in a candle from a popular high street retailer, you can be paying around £1.99 which is more than DOUBLE! The wax melters are also infinitely reusable, allowing you to change the wax whenever you like without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home or even swap them with friends.


With candles you need to consider the safety of your home much more and place the candles away from anything flammable or where it could be knocked and definitely away from pets, children and anything that could collect soot.  Although this is the case to a certain extent with tealight burners, electric wax melters come in many different forms from table top ones like these, to ones that sit in your plug sockets, to give you greater flexibility. Without a naked flame and needing lower temperatures electric burners can be used with greater peace of mind.

Burn time

We recommend you melt 2 cubes of a sassy shop wax bar to give you 12-18 hours of strong, long lasting fragrance. With each 10 cube bar giving you over 60 hours of burning time that can be swapped, mixed and blended with other wax melts to create your own signature fragrance for your home. 


Scented candles don’t burn cleanly, as the additives and fragrances added to the wax blend are in direct contact with the flame causing sooting, which can darken the holders and mark your walls and nearby furnishings. Candle manufacturers recommend trimming the wick of your candle before each burn to reduce this, but this advice is rarely followed and is not widely known. Drafts around the flame can also cause flickering which increases soot production. 

Wax Melts however can be use without naked flames at all with the use of an electric melter which produces no soot at all. If you use a tealight wax melter we also always recommend using a 4hour unscented tealight for safety purposes, which reduces the need for candle maintenance such as trimming the wick, as this often equates to one burning period and therefore single use. In order to retain the heat from the tealight needed to melt the wax, most tealight wax melters are also semi-enclosed which protects your walls from residues and, the flame from any drafts resulting in a much cleaner burn. 


With both types of burner, the wax is melted much more evenly regardless of how long you have it lit for, so you don’t experience wax tunnelling as you do with a candle, so you know that the scent has been released from the whole of the wax for maximum impact.

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