Wax melts make the perfect stocking stuffer for a whole range of people. Just as many people look at a candle as a go-to for secret Santa and those people you just never know who to buy for, wax melts are an easy little win you can never go wrong with. 

From the wax melts themselves to the wax burners, cutters and gift sets, prices start from just £3.20 to ensure there is something for everyone’s budget.

NEW FOR 2021

This year’s must-have Sassy gifts are our Christmas Stockings which come filled with wax melts, whipped soap and other non-fragranced gifts all with limited edition festive designs and brand new scents all in a luxury black velvet stocking ready to hang on your mantelpiece as a surprise for someone special on Christmas morning or wrap as a gift. With 4 different options, there is sure to be something that catches your eye.


Want to treat yourself or someone else to something before Christmas? This year we have also launched our FIRST 24-day advent calendar with approximately 25g of wax behind each door - that’s the equivalent to 2 and a half segments from our normal wax melt pots to give you a new super-strong fragrance for over 12 hours each day.

Looking for something a little less Christmassy?

I don’t like to admit, it but there are some Grinches out there that aren’t as OBSESSED with Christmas as we are, or that don’t like Christmas fragrances. When it comes to gifting, knowing what they don’t like isn’t the same as knowing what they would like and that leaves many of us in a bit of a conundrum. 

With over 450 scents in our fragrance library, the easiest option is to match a scent you know they already like- If you can, next time you are around their house, make a note of which soaps, perfumes or home fragrance they already use - This will give you an indication of what kind of scents they already love so you can choose something from a similar scent category or even one they already use. This will show that you pay attention to the little things they do and go along way to making your gift more personal.

If this isn't an option, we always recommend thinking about their personality! You might not have thought about it before, but scents have a mood so its likely that quiet people might prefer calming scents, whereas bubbly people might like something sweet and fruity. 

Our gift bags and starter packs are the perfect solution. Shop the full range below!