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    The magical Sassy world of mermaids and unicorns is now ready to be explored with our all-new fragrance, Neon Mermaid. This will transform your bathroom into a magical space, with all the qualities of the ocean as well as mermaids and unicorns. Feel just like you're swimming in the sea whilst showering or washing your hands, infusing your entire body with this irresistible scent. Every application provides you with a soothing fragrance that evokes fun, happiness and intrigue.

    The next chapter of our story is about to begin, introducing the launch of our newest fragrance, neon mermaid. A sister scent for Neon Unicorn, our glowing shadows and glittering stars now become sparkling blue raspberry with glistening vanilla pearls, a spritz of ocean mist and a little sea magic to take you on an otherworldly journey. Shop the full collection on 31st March.

    Life is all about play, and Neon Mermaid brings a little of the fantasy world to your bathroom. This delicious fragrance is uplifting and fun, perfect for use in your bath or before getting ready for the day. Transform your shower into a magical place with this perfumed yet super moisturizing wash!

    Join the Neon Mermaid as she embarks on new adventures in this sparkling new fragrance. Perfect for both adults and children, the sweet-watery blend of sea spray, blue raspberry and vanilla will summon your inner mermaid. Inspired by our best-selling Neon Unicorn fragrance, Neon Mermaid comes in our full range of products including whipped soap, 3in1 wash wax melt, fragrance oil and room sprays.