What Should You Look For When Buying Scented Wax Melts?

You may have seen the rise in popularity of scented wax melts over the last couple of years and now want to try them yourself. But if you don’t have a clue where to start and how to choose the best ones, don’t worry, because this blog is here to help. Here, we’ll give you some ideas of what to look for when buying wax melts and where to buy them online here in the UK.

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The basics of scented wax melts

Generally, wax melts are, as the name suggests, made from wax. There are various different types of wax used, including soy wax, beeswax, palm oil, and gel wax.

Listed below are some of the properties that you should look for when buying the best scented wax melts.

1. Scent

Of course, the main factor to take into account when buying wax melts is the scent. After all, their purpose is to fill indoor spaces with a pleasant fragrance, whether you’re looking for a calm and soothing scent or something to lift your mood and give you a burst of energy. Most wax melts get their fragrance from essential oil additives, which will be discussed in more detail below.

The most common types of scents you’ll find used in wax melts are fruity and flowery fragrances, spices, fresh laundry, and nature smells. Some wax scents also function as an odour remover, effectively freshening the air quality in your interiors.

You should ask the seller about the wax’s “scent throw”. This term refers to the ability of a wax melt to give out enough scent to cover an entire room. This will help guide you when you’re looking for what to purchase and mainly boils down to personal preference. Some people want a stronger scent from their wax melts, while others like more subtle fragrances.

2. Additives used

Most scented wax melts contain additives that give off or enhance the fragrance when heated. The additives used are typically essential oils. We recommend looking for wax melts that use non-toxic and natural essential oils and avoid buying wax melts that use harmful chemicals in their ingredients. This ensures you can enjoy an improved atmosphere in your indoor areas without compromising your health.

3. Burning duration

Burning duration or burning time refers to the time it takes for a candle to burn before it goes out. The term is also used for wax melts, but here, it has an entirely different meaning. Instead of referring to the time that it takes for a candle to burn, burning time in wax melts refers to the length of time the wax will produce its scent for.

The best wax melts will start to exude their fragrance almost immediately and will continue to release their scent for at least eight to 12 hours before needing to be replaced.

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Do scented wax melts work?

Yes. A scented wax melt can give off a wonderful fragrance, just like a scented candle only with less mess and expense. Because they’re sold in smaller chunks, they are the perfect choice for you if you’re just looking to try out a scent for the first time. They’ll also last much longer than the typical scented candle.

How long do wax melt scents last?

That ultimately depends on the size and composition of the wax melt and the warmer used. While some wax melt products last for only a few hours at most, here at Sassy Shop Wax, we offer long-lasting, high-quality wax melts. A single segment of wax from our range can last up to 60 hours or more.

How many times can you reuse wax melts?

Wax fragrance cubes don’t evaporate when melted, so they can be used as many times as you like. However, the scent will fade away over time. You can reuse each wax melt until it stops emitting fragrance. Our wax melts provide a total of 60+ hours of scent, so you’re sure to get great value out of every purchase.

Why isn’t my wax melt emitting fragrance?

If your room has low humidity, the fragrance from your scented wax melts won’t last long. This is because the scent has to hold on to the moisture in the air in order to last. Burning your wax melt in a more humid room means the scent will last longer because more water molecules are in the air.

How do you make wax melts last longer?

  • Use less heat when melting the wax.
  • Add scented oils to your wax melts.
  • Clean your burner regularly.
  • Don’t heat the wax while you’re away from the room.
  • Remember, we can become desensitised to scents that we’re constantly exposed to, so switch scents periodically to get the most benefit.

How does a scented wax melt work?

Wax melts function similarly to scented candles – when the wax is heated, the fragrance molecules within are released into the air. Unlike scented candles where you have to light a wick, wax melts are completely flame- and smoke-free if you use an electric heater.

Why Use Wax Melts In Your Home?

There are lots of benefits to using a wax melt in your home. It’s a better alternative to scented candles if you want to introduce more natural aromas throughout your interior spaces.

As well as the wide range of scent choices, wax melts are also safer than candles because they typically don’t contain paraffin.

Paraffin candles tend to leave soot stains on walls and curtains when burned. They are also a red flag to homes with family members with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

As well as being free of harmful chemicals, the best perfume wax melts are also made of natural ingredients such as soybean oil, which doesn’t need very high temperatures to melt. Finally, wax melts come with less packaging, making them more eco-friendly.

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Things To Know About Wax Melts

Wax melts are designed to melt very slowly over time. This means it’s okay to put wax on your burner for hours on end. It’s 100% safe to leave it running if you’re using an electric burner.

  • Soy wax melts like the ones we offer at Sassy Shop Wax are one of the most popular choices on the market. This is because they produce a cleaner burn that won’t cause any staining to items around the home.
  • Compared to scented candles, wax melts produce a more intense aroma. This means that you can get a lot more fragrance even when you use a small amount of wax.

How Scented Wax Cubes Work

As mentioned earlier, scented wax is a great alternative to scented candles. Wax melts can produce the same amazing aromas that any scented candle gives off. They only differ in how they work.

With a scented wax melt, you can use an electric wax melt burner with a 25- or 15-watt bulb. This process is far safer than scented candles as there’s no naked flame. What’s more, the used wax doesn’t drip like candle wax does, and it can be continuously reused as long as it still has a scent.

Unlike most scented candles, wax melts don’t typically contain harsh chemicals that can affect your health. And because wax melts use less packaging and emit no smoke, they’re far better for the environment as well.

Another advantage of using wax melts is their versatility. You can make a certain fragrance more intense or create unique fragrance combinations simply by adding more wax or essential oils to the mix.

If you are looking for the best scented wax melts in the UK, why not check out our offers here at Sassy Shop Wax today? We offer high-quality melts that are sure to improve the ambience of your home.