The Science Of Fragrance Zoning

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Fragrance zoning is a new wellness trend that’s taken on even greater prominence over the last 18 months as many of us have spent a great deal more time at home due to lockdowns, restrictions and home working.  

Rebecca Lockwood, a neuro-linguistic and positive psychology trainer, is a big fan of fragrance zoning. She says that as we’ve been using our homes for an even wider range of activities than usual, like working, sleeping, exercising and relaxing, we can employ different fragrances to help split up the day into different parts through changing scents.

Fragrance zoning is a relatively new trend that uses certain scents in different areas of the house or while doing specific activities throughout the day to impact your emotions. Giada Brianza, who holds an MSc in clinical developmental psychology and neuropsychology, explains that when people feel uncertain or isolated, associating scents with certain rooms or activities can help them create and maintain balance when they are working or relaxing. In other words, individuals can use the positive effect of scents to influence their feelings and moods.

Studies show that fragrance zoning is likely to be more popular with the female demographic, as women have more cells in their olfactory bulbs, which is the part of the brain that handles the sense of smell. And that’s no doubt why women are the more obvious recipients of presents like scented flowers, perfume and wax melt gift sets!

Brianza explains that detecting a scent is more complex than you might imagine, with several steps involved in the process. A smell enters the nasal cavity, where there are receptors known as peripheral structures. That information is then transmitted to the central area of the brain, where it’s interpreted in a certain way, which then affects the ways we react to it. Even more complicated, not everyone smells scents in the same way. This means that fragrance zoning is entirely up to the preference of each individual.

According to Rebecca Lockwood, a particular fragrance might make one person happy but cause a feeling of uneasiness in another. For instance, if a person smells a scent that reminds them of an ex-partner, it could stimulate an uneasy feeling, while others without the same association could have a very different reaction to the fragrance.

Because the brain works by anchoring a certain feeling, emotion, or memory to a scent, people can stimulate certain moods by associating a fragrance with a particular room. Doing this can help them maintain a balance between work and leisure time.

Therefore, people can compartmentalise their days by using different scents in different rooms, hence the term fragrance zoning. You can associate one smell with your work hours and another with time to relax when the computer’s turned off and you ‘leave’ work. Fragrance zoning can also make it easier for people to fall and stay asleep.

The most important part of choosing a zone is to set clear boundaries. Because scent has an incredibly influential effect on our moods and wellbeing, it’s a great idea to use it to its full potential, said Lockwood. She recommends that you start your day with a zingy scent that evokes energy in the bathroom, like lemon or lime. Then, there are certain scents that inspire motivation, like coffee or peppermint, that you can use to get you in the mood for work. A good scent for relaxing and winding down after the workday has ended is lavender. You can generate these scents with aromatherapy oils, incense, scented candles or even a wax melt gift set.

Scent Guide

As noted, we all have different reactions to different scents, so finding the right ones that work for you may take a little trial and error. But there are some staple recommended fragrances that tend to provoke common responses in people, and Brianza suggests trying the following:

If you’re looking to relax after a hectic and stressful working day, try rosemary, chamomile, lavender, pine, or sage. These fragrances have all been shown to lower nervous energy levels and trigger a resting response in the human body.

Could you do with extra energy for the day ahead? Peppermint and sweet orange are beneficial for reducing fatigue and increasing energy and performance.

If you’d like to create a positive mood, try lemon, juniper, grapefruit, or lemongrass. All these are known to stimulate positivity.

Rosemary can enhance focus and stimulate brainwave activity, while lavender is known to induce relaxation by calming the mind and body.

Aromatherapy According to Science

The use of scents, particularly in aromatherapy, to treat diseases and other conditions was explored in the article “Essential oils used in aromatherapy: A systemic review”, published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine in August 2015.

The paper notes that aromatherapy has been a common practice for over 6,000 years, with evidence that it was used by the Ancient Egyptians, as well as documented use in India and China as a complementary and alternative therapy. Throughout the ages, it has been implemented to treat a wide range of conditions and health complications from depression and sleep disorders to cancer and cardiovascular illnesses. Aromatherapy has become increasingly popular in recent years especially, and there have been a large number of studies carried out to explore its effects on the human brain and emotions. Of particular interest has been the research on its role in affecting mood, increasing alertness and relieving mental stress.

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